Transformer Thermal Management-Silicone Thermal Gap Pad

GLPOLY siliocne thermal pad XK-P20S is a perfect alternative to Kerafol 86/255. Here is a case from our customer.

An customer from Suzhou used Kerafol thermal materials before, now they want to replace it with local products because of higher price and longer lead time. Thermal conductivity of Kerafol 86/255 is 2.0W/mK, thickness is 1.0mm, we recommended thermal pad XK-P20S, thermal conductivity is 2.0W/mK, dielectric breakdown is over 10kV/mm, work temperature is 200 degree. The customer is very satisfied with the data.

We customized some 1.0mm thickness samples and sent them to customer for testing performance. GLPOLY XK-P20S has excellent compressibility and tear, puncture and shear resistance. It’s very easy for assembly and re-work.

Another question customer concerned is lead time. For most of the top supplier, the lead time is one to two months, we assure customer a 15-business day lead time. The customer was surprised, they said they never get the products in such a short lead time and ecpect a long term business relationship in the future.