Focus on Silicone free Thermal Pad

Many of our peers waged price war for a order from a great customer, the problem is that price war is easy to start but not easy to end. If you get the order and the customer have the most of market share, can you persist in the cheap and cheerful strategy to the end.

GLPOLY will not take this strategy, we offer qualified products to the great customer with reasonable price cost and basic profit, and varied thermal solution. As we know, the silicone free thermal pad is widely used recenet years, GLPOLY is specialized in silicone free thermal interface materials for more than 6 years. We have recommended silicone free thermal pad to some electric vehicle manufacturer and get the right attitude of response.

In Hannover Mess, we known that most of the end user wish to design and use silicone free material for complying the enviromental regulations in Europe. Silicone free thermal materials will be applied on electric vehicle, yacht and precision equipment. Because silicone free thermal materials are non-pollution, no oil bleeding, good comfomability.  for example, the Next Energy who-the biggest battery manufacturer who is focused on new energy development for ten year, they have designed the thermal solution with silicone free thermal pad for all battery pack. Samll formula, big impact. GLPOLY believes that we can get greater achievement than price war by delivering quality products, advanced concept and warm and thoughtful service.