Silicone free Thermal Pad for EV Battery Pack Thermal Solution

Silicone free thermal interface materials has attracted more and more attention from the thermal management engineer.

One of author’s Germany customer designed the thermal solution using silicone free thermal pad. Comparing traditional thermal silicone pad, silicone free thermal pad has some characteristics-no oil bleeding, no siloxane volatile, it offers higher performance and reliability. Customer concerned two issues, firstly, if the thermal performance of silicone free thermal pad is better than that of silicone thermal pad. We recommended a 3W/mK silicone free thermal pad to customer which offers the same thermal conductivity to silicone thermal pad, but the thermal resistance is much lower. This will optimize thermal transfer.

Secondly, hardness of thermal pad is important element. Customer review the data sheet and ask that if the Shore 00 40-50 is a little harder for application. customer gets the point, because the battery pack is in a persistent shaking circumstance, the softer thermal pad will dampen vibration and protect battery pack. We told they that we can make it shore 00 20-30, but it is not suitable for assembling and weaken wear resistance.

We show customer the test report on above issues and offer free samples to customer for testing themselves. The data will show what excellent products GLPOLY offers.