Silicone free thermal putty-perfect thermal solution for electronics

Many UAV motor ESC(electronic speed control) thermal management engineer like to use thermal silicone pad in motor thermal solution and don’t want to make a change.

Now GLPOLY developed a more effective thermal interface material-silicone free thermal putty gel XK-GN30. It is known that the speed and power are controlled by ESC, if the ESC is out of control because of overheating, the motor can not be adjusted precisely. 

Silicone free thermal putty has high performance, its thermal impedance and bondline thickness are as low as that of thermal grease, this will optimize thermal transfer.

The constructure motor and ESC of UAV is very compact. The size of thermal silicone pad should be small and not suitable for assembling, the automated dispensable thermal putty would be a perfect solution for assembling. At the meantime, automated production will save cost and improve efficiency.

Silicone free thermal putty is non-pollution material, no oil leakage. It never dry out and drip off.