Thermal pad compression selection

Nowdays, the mainly applied thermal interface material for power battery is silicone thermal pad, because it’s economical and practical. GLPOLY designed a thermal pad with the main feature as follow: thermal conductivity--2.0W/mK, dielectric breakdown—10kV/mm, thermal impedance--0.59℃in2/W.

One of our customer requested more, conpress ratio should be 30% at 12.5psi pressure and requested Shore00 30, this is a technical barrier to most of manfacturers, but not to GLPOLY, we offered samples to customer for testing. In process of installation, customer got a big problem, when worker removed the PET film, the pulling force make thermal pad out of shape and it can’t be recovered. This solution is rejected.

We explain to customer, the softer thermal pad has better performance but it’s not convenient to handle. We recommended GLPOLY thermal pad XK-P20 with Shore00 50, which is offered in mass production. It has good softness and will not be deformed easily.

Shore00 50 thermal pad XK-P20 can be compressed 30% too, it makes contact perfectly and reduce contact thermal reistance, optimizing thermal thermal  performance. Samples are offered in 3 days, customer extremly shocked because they experienced 10 days lead time from other customers.