High Performance Thermal Putty for Auto Electronics

Thermal putty is suitable for automotive electronics thermal management, such as cable connector, inverter, driving assistance system. By now, Chomerics THERM-A-GAP Putty TC50 is widely applied  in auto electronics. Can it be replaced?

GLPOLY developed a form-in-place thermal putty XK-G50 aiming at TC50, can it replace the top class brand from a famous company? let me show you the critical feature and comparison data. Both products has excellent thermal performance offering a 5.0W/mK thermal conductivity, the great difference is that GLPOLY XK-G50 has lower thermal resistance, 0.001°Cin2/W, the performance of XK-G50 surpasses most of its kind. The coefficient of thermal expansion is 140 ppm/K, when thermal putty is being heated, thermal putty will expand itself, expelling air and filling the small gaps.

GLPOLY XK-G50 will not drip off and pump out because of high thixotropy, it is suitable for irregular topography contour, optimizing thermal transfer.

Except thermal performace, good eletrical insulation is required too since it is applied in electronics. Dielectric voltage of XK-G50 is 10kV/mm it’s higher than that of Chromerics TC50.

Also, in electric vehicle field, GLPOLY thermal putty XK-G50 is ideal for battery pack thermal management. Except thermal performance, it can dampen vibration and protect battery pack.