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Power module application Jinling Tongda(GLpoly) thermal conductive gel XK-G40 heat dissipation

2023-8-4 11:04:42   |   Source:GLPOLY   |   Author:GLPOLY   |   Views:

Jinling Tongda (GLpoly) mass production delivery of thermally conductive gel XK-G40 by the power module customers praise recognized, so that the thermal conductivity of the gel XK-G40 once again in the power module heat dissipation on the application of success!


 Thermally conductive gel in recent years has been loved by thermal design engineers, careful calculation, Jinling Tongda thermal gel also mass production delivery over 15 years. If we really talk about the time advantage, in fact, Jinling Tongda thermal gel research and development, not later than the first-line brands of thermal gel, just the initial stage is the moon is round abroad. A good product is to withstand the test of time, from the previous few years, Jinling Tongda thermal gel local advantages are slowly reflected, compared with the international first-line brand thermal gel, technology is equivalent or beyond; cost extreme with; flexible delivery and so on, therefore, Jinling Tongda thermal gel out of the circle is not inevitable.

Thermally conductive gel, as a customer, procurement is concerned about the cost and delivery capacity, mass production experience; thermal management engineers are concerned about the thermal conductivity, density, reliability, etc.; process engineers are concerned about the flow rate, drooping flow and other issues. Above customers concerned about all these points of thermal gel, we can be very clear answer to customers, these problems we have helped head customers to solve,  these roads have been the head of the various industries have walked through, Jinling Tongda thermal gel in the application of various fields has also been very mature, ready-made application cases, can be used as a reference, do not have to worry about their own is a guinea pig.


Still clearly remember, when the customer engineer of this power module contacted me, it was specified to find the thermal conductive gel XK-G40. Only later did I learn that his friends recommended our Jinling Tongda thermal, thank you very much for the love of professional engineers. In order to thank the customer for the attention and trust Jinling Tongda thermal gel, I was immediately sent a sample of thermal gel XK-G40 samples and a manual glue gun to the customer dispensing trial production, the customer received the sample is also very powerful immediately mounted to run the effect. At first a week to test the temperature of the customer is very satisfied, and then continue to test the reliability of the temperature rise. Then there is news coming is 1 month later, verify the reliability of the material report, thermal conductive gel XK-G40 test results are: 

1. structure size and material to confirm OK. 

2. assembly qualified. 

3. thermal conductive gel XK-G40 in the module products, to do the reliability test qualified, the sample test pass. 

This is really a good news, Jinling Tongda thermal gel XK-G40 never let the customer disappointed.

  Jinling Tongda thermal gel XK-G40 as a multi-functional products, not only can solve the thermal management engineers of the heat dissipation problem, but also to meet the procurement engineers of the amount of cost reduction requirements and inventory management, etc., but also to assist process engineers production line beats KPI completion, so how can not let the customer thermal gel XK-G40 heart it? When you come to GLpoly, you don't want to find another home.

      Thank you for the majority of thermal management engineers on the attention and favor of Jinling TongdaGLpolythermal gel XK-G40, welcome to call us to consult, order trial production. 

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