GLPOLY Thermal Management
Committed to solving thermally conductive
problems for top-class clients
Dedicated to develop thermal interface materials and thermal management solutions
Innovation Is Sustainable Development Resource Of GLPOLY
GLPOLY focuses on research of lightweight, low density, silicone free, to ensure that a better thermal management solution will be delivered.
Raw Material Testing
Exploring characteristics of materials, analyzing ingredients and ratio.
Technical data of each product will be tested in lab, and performance verified
Sustainable Improvement
GLPOLY will continous to improve thermal performance, physical and electrical properties of product, and explore automated application methods.
Imported raw materials from top-class suppliers, no oil leakage, no contamination, to ensure that clients silicone content requirment are achieved.
Automated production equipment, advanced process technology and fine production will guarantee high quality prduction and delivery.
Raw materials are 100% RoHS compliant. All proructs are SGS, UL certified.
Sophisticated R&D team is able to deliver state of the art thermal solution rapidly.
Customized prodcution, 24h technical support, specialized testing service, extensive product portfolio and prompt delivery.
Man's Lab: