Does cheap and cheerful thermal pad exist?

The core elements of an EV are battery, electric motor and electronic control system must be designed a thermal solution, varied thermal interface materials will be used, but most of the designer design request thermal silicone pad for thermal management.

In such a competitive situation, there appears an endless stream of price war, but GLPOLY will not get into it, our priority is to deliver the pioneering thermal solution and qualified thermal interface materials, not the price war. We recognize that extreme low price or price war will destroy the individual supplier and the industry. Products sold in a low price, suppliers must make every effort to reduce cost, if fail to do so, what will happen? They will cut corners in manufacturing thermal pad, low thermal conductivity, short of thermal filler, lack of services, all of these are crucial to keep moving forward. We loss the credit, we loss customer and the future.

As an thermal pad manufaturer, we don’t believe the cheap and cheerful products, because good product is never made from low-quality material. Can you buy a good thermal pad at rock bottom price from Beigquist, Chomerics and Laird? The answer is negative. The qualified electric vehicle manufacturer don’t believe it too, because they are responsible for the vehicle’s reliability,  user’s safety.

To be continued……