Disadvantage of adhesive backed thermal pad

Often we get cumstomer’s inquiry on thermal silicone pad with gum, single-sided, double sided gum. This is a big problem, the process is not what we concerned about, the prblem is that it will affect the thermal performance, thermal resistance will be increased. But we should do our best to meet customer’s requirements, now we discuss the details on gummed thermal pad.

Why does customer want to gum the thermal pad?

Firstly, a big thermal pad will fall off when it is assembled on the vertical interface, even the thermal pad is self tacky, but the adhion is not stronger enough, so we gummed it keep it firmly on interface.

Secondly, some applications are in the persistent shcok circumstance, we need to make it stable by gumming it.

But there is a unevitable problem-increasing thermal resistance. Thermal conductivity is a important element to thermal pad, but not the most important one. Gumming will incresing the thermal resistance and decreasing thermal performance.

We recommend that we try to remove all elements which will increasing thermal resistance when we design the thermal solution.