Why does customer choose silicone free thermal pad?

Silicone free thermal materials will be widely applied in the coming future, because there will be much more supervision on electronic materials from government or other orgnization.

One of our Germany customer designed a thermal solution with silicone free thermal pad. Silicone free thermal pad is environmentally friendly, non-pollution, no oil bleeding and no adverse effect to operation reliability of products. Comparing to traditional thermal silicone pad, silicone free thermal pad offers lower thermal resistance and larger comformability. The question customer care are as follow. 

Firstly, if the performance of silicone free thermal pad is better than that of traditionla silicone thermal pad. We recommended a 3.0W/mK silicone free thermal pad XK-PN30, which offers higher performance and lower thermal resistance than traditional silicone thermal pad.

Secondly, hardness also is a critical element for EV battery application, because it also work as a vibration dampening pad in the persistant shock condition. After testing, we designed the hardness of shore00 40-50 for the silicone free thermal pad, it achieves the perfect balance between performance and vibration dampening.