Thermal putty-an perfect alternative to thermal grease

Low bondline thickness, low thermal resistance are crucial to performance of thermal interface materials. In the last year, thermal grease was widely applied with the feature of low resistance, low BLT and gap filling. But now many thermal solution designers want to replace it with a more environmentally friendly thermal materials because of the faults of drying, dripping off and polluting.

One of our customers used to utilize thermal grease on heat sink on rail transit. The performance of thermal grease is perfect, but it’s very inconvinient to change, bucause the grease is difficult to clean up. We recommended a thermal pad XK-F20ST which offering low thermal resistance and 0.2mm bondline thickness. It’s self-tacky which can reduce contact thermal resistance and optimize performance. After testing, customer is unsatisfied with the result, because the temperature is 12 degree higher than performance of thermal grease.

Another thermal material-thermal putty XK-G30 was recommeded. The thermal resistance is just 0.04in2/W, which is as low as thermal grease, and it is very easy to clean up, we can wipe it with tissue. Thermal putty XK-G30 is never dry out, drip off, it will filling gaps under low stress, it is an perfect alternative to thermal grease. Also syringe package is suitable for automated production for saving cost and improve efficiency.