Fiberglass reinforced thermal gap pad for EV battery pack

GLPOLY thermal silicone pad XK-P20S20 is a high electrical insulation, high performance thermal gap pad. It is designed for electric vehicle battery pack thermal management. 

We introduce the features and application of this silicone thermal pad which has been applied in GAC new energy vehicle. GLPOLY thermal silicone pad XK-P20S20 is reinforced by fiberglass for tear resistance, because it always in a shaking circumstance, so it is necessary to improve the wear resistance. The hardness of this part is 40-50, besides the thermal transfer, it can dampen vibration and protect battery pack. 

GAC group is a major vehicle manufacturer in China, creating the largest new energy vehicle project. As one of strategic partner of GAC group, GLPOLY designed thermal solution for GAC, we offered several alternative thermal solutios, fiberglass reinforced thermal pad, thermal pad without fiberglass and two part dispensable thermal pad. Dispensable thermal pad is suitable for automated production and will cure at room temperature or elevated temperature. The production can not wait for curing because the material will not cured immediately after dispensing, so this solution was refused by GAC. The thermal gap pad without fiberglass cannot offer good wear resistance. The test result shows fiberglass reinforced thermal pad is the best solution for battery pack—high performance, low thermal resistance, vibration dampening and wear resistance. 

All items are certified by third party. 10 year’s lifetime test, UL flammability test and other functions test are verified by customer.  besides the quality, lead time is a crucial element to project, we promise to dilever part in 15 business days each lot, ensuring the progress of project.