Thermal Putty Replacing Thermal Grease

Thermal management is critical to high power LED because only 40% of electric energy can be converted into luminous, the rest of it are converted into thermal energy. There is lot of heat need to be handled.

Auditor shares a case. One of customers designed thermal solutions for a 300W LED, there is a 1mm gap between aluminum panel and chip. Designer gave two options, thermal grease and silicone thermal pad.

The customer used thermal grease because of high thermal performance, ultra thin interface thickness, 0.08mm and low thermal resistance. Why does customer want to replace thermal grease with alternative option even it has so excellent performance? Thermal grease will pump out under pressure, even the pressure is less, it will drip out and pollute other components. Usually, the thermal grease’s service life is less than one year, so we need to check its status frequently, and it is not easy to clean up.

We understood customer’s request and recommeded customer another product---- GLPOLY XK-G30 thermal putty. Thermal conductivity is 3.2W/mK, low thermal resistance 0.0002in2/W, it offers more excellent performance than other alternative materials.  Thermal putty can wet out the interface and decrease contact thermal resistance efficiently and optimize thermal performance, especially GLPOLY XK-G30 thermal putty will never dry out and offer a 6-year service life.

Thermal putty can be offered in syringe package, suitable for transport, storage and automated production.