Silicone free thermal pad for optical windows

More and more thermal management engineer focuses on thermal management recently, but many engineers don’t recognize how to choose thermal interface materials because most of them had never paid attention on thermal materials before. Here is a case of thermal materials selection.

One of author’s customers manufacture laser equipment, the designer just used thermal grease in the last year. And now he found that thermal grease always became dry and failure, causing a lot of complaint. So he want to use a 6.0W/mK thermal pad instead, just think the higher the better. He asked author what price is for the kind of thermal pad.

6.0W/mK is high performance, usually, we don’t need such a high performance materials for low power devices, it’s not economy. We reviewed the parameters of laser equipment, and  found that the power of laser device will not generate extrem temperature and heat, 4.5W/mK will be good enough for application. but there is another problem. Laser is precision device, if we use silicone thermal pad, there will be oil volatiles effecting optical windows, silicone free thermal pad is first priority. GLPOLY silicone free thermal pad XK-PN45, 4.5W/mK will be perfect for laser thermal management.

We offered samples free of charge to customer for testing and promise a 15 days lead time.